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Personally developed by food science researcher Mike Adams, Cesium Eliminator is the world's first patent-pending dietary supplement that's laboratory validated to bind with and capture cesium isotopes including cesium-137.*

The U.S. patent for Cesium Eliminator is on the verge of being approved. The Health Ranger has announced that once the patent is published, he is going to donate his Cesium Eliminator formula to the CWC non-profit and open it up for unlimited personal use. Watch this space for an announcement on how to make your own Cesium Eliminator using the Health Ranger's patented formula.

Ingredients: Made using a proprietary formula of zeolites, seawater extract, dehydrated seaweed, Hawaiian spirulina and chlorella, all at specific particle sizes and ratios.

Introducing Cesium Eliminator

"Cesium-137 that is dispersed in the environment, like that from atmospheric testing, is impossible to avoid... People may ingest cesium-137 with food and water, or may inhale it as dust. Like all radionuclides, exposure to radiation from cesium-137 results in increased risk of cancer."

- EPA (

The world's first patent-pending dietary supplement that's laboratory validated to bind with and capture cesium isotopes including cesium-137.*

  • Personally developed by food science researcher Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
  • Scientifically validated via ICP-MS laboratory protocols at two different labs
  • Made using a proprietary formula of zeolites, seawater extract, dehydrated seaweed, Hawaiian spirulina and chlorella, all at specific particle sizes and ratios
  • Patent-pending formula
  • Helps support your body's natural elimination of cesium isotopes*

Cesium-137 is the most dangerous byproduct of nuclear catastrophes and nuclear war

Cesium-137 is radioactive isotope produced from nuclear catastrophes like Chernobyl and Fukushima. It's also a deadly radioisotope created in the aftermath of nuclear bombs.

Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years and it mimics potassium in soils and plants. It contaminates soils for 200 - 300 years, making the land unusable for agriculture. Cesium-137 contamination is the reason why no one lives near Chernobyl to this very day.

Once you eat cesium-137, you are irradiating your body from the inside out.

Captures over 95% of cesium isotopes

Cesium Eliminator is laboratory-validated to bind with and capture cesium isotopes (including cesium-137) during simulated human digestion (in vitro lab testing). It is able to bind with over 95% of cesium isotopes across a broad range of concentrations in gastric acid:

The following chart shows the effectiveness of Cesium Eliminator as tested in 20 mL of synthetic gastric acid, using 2 grams of Cesium Eliminator.

"Exposure to Cs-137 can increase the risk for cancer because of exposure to high-energy gamma radiation. Internal exposure to Cs-137, through ingestion or inhalation, allows the radioactive material to be distributed in the soft tissues, especially muscle tissue, exposing these tissues to the beta particles and gamma radiation and increasing cancer risk."

- Centers for Disease Control (

Analysis: The "straight line" rise of the efficacy vs. concentration chart reveals that Cesium Eliminator still has enormous capturing capacity even at very high concentrations of cesium, such as 91 ppm and above.

The total cesium captured by 2 grams of Cesium Eliminator, at the highest concentration tested, was 1,739 micrograms, or 1.7 mg. This is orders of magnitude higher than any level of radioactive cesium which has so far been detected in any food.

Disclaimer: Radioactive cesium isotope binding has not been tested in humans for obvious reasons: it would be unethical to feed humans radioactive food. However, the ingredients used in Cesium Eliminator have been safely and repeatedly consumed by people in other dietary supplements for decades. What makes Cesium Eliminator unique is the specific ratios and particle sizes used in the formula. It is these ratios that determine the effectiveness. Any alteration of ingredient ratios, even by as little as 20%, would nullify its effectiveness.

Iodine does not block radioactive cesium!

Many people are purchasing iodine sources such as potassium iodide or nascent iodine as a defense against radiation. But few people know the truth about iodine!

"Over the long term, the big threat to human health is cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years. The radiation from cesium-137 can throw cellular machinery out of order, including the chromosomes, leading to an increased risk of cancer."

- New York Times (

Iodine protects primarily just one organ: your thyroid. And it protects your thyroid from just one isotope: Iodine-131, which has a half-life of around 7 days.

Iodine does nothing to protect you from radioactive cesium. Iodine, in fact, has no ability whatsoever to block, capture or bind with cesium isotopes. (Iodine binds well with calcium and potassium, however.)

Unfortunately, the over-marketing of iodine for radiation protection has misled many people into thinking they are "bulletproof" against radiation if they take iodine. This is flatly false.

The best protection comes from covering all routes of exposure to ionizing radiation: air, food, water and direct exposure to radioactive sources (such as fuel rods).

Accordingly, all those preparing against nuclear catastrophe should have both iodine and Cesium Eliminator. A water filter that blocks radioisotopes would be a very smart third strategy to pursue. (Check out Seychelle filters.)

For emergency use only

Cesium Eliminator is not a daily supplement or "vitamin." It does not contribute any minerals or vitamins to your nutritional needs. It is for emergency use only, to be used only when consuming foods or beverages a person believes may be significantly contaminated with radioactive cesium.

Cesium Eliminator is shelf-stable and is safe to store alongside other preparedness supplies such as emergency medicine or precious metals.

"Cesium-137 is an especially dangerous fission product because of its high yield during fission, moderate half-life, high-energy decay pathway, and chemical reactivity. Because of these properties, cesium-137 is a major contributor to the total radiation released during nuclear accidents."

- Stanford University (

Cesium Eliminator should only be used as a last-ditch resort when you cannot find food or water that's free from radioactive cesium. Your best and first strategy should always be to avoid radioactive food in the first place. But in scenarios of near-starvation when you must eat radioactive cesium isotopes or drink cesium-137-contaminated water in order to live, Cesium Eliminator can bind with cesium isotopes and help your body eliminate them naturally (so that they aren't absorbed into your blood).*

Cesium Eliminator is not a drug and no claims are made for any ability to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Combined with Heavy Metals Defense for even more protection

The No. 1 ingredient in Cesium Eliminator is a specially-manufactured zeolite material that's made to a specific particle size.

All zeolites are naturally made of aluminosilicates. When they are ground to a specific particle size, this creates some amount of aluminum dust (with very low levels of lead found in the dust as well).

For this reason, we combine Cesium Eliminator with a small amount of our patent-pending Heavy Metals Defense formula which binds with heavy metals using ion exchange chemistry.

Heavy Metals Defense eliminates 98.7% of aluminum, on average, across a broad range of concentrations up to 20 ppm. Heavy Metals Defense captures and helps eliminate 99.9% of lead.*

As a result of this combination, Cesium Eliminator is highly effective at capturing cesium isotopes while also leaving behind virtually no traces of aluminum or lead. Nearly all these toxic elements are eliminated by the body through natural elimination action (bowel movements).

Cesium Eliminator is not "digested" by the body (section UPDATED 11/2/2015 based on most recent laboratory data)

To understand the action of Cesium Eliminator, it's important to understand that GRANULAR ZEOLITES CANNOT BE DIGESTED in the human body (in granular form). They pass through the body much like sand. (If you eat sand, you will poop sand. You do not digest sand.) However, some zeolites are "micronized" by manufacturers with the intent to make the particle size so small that it passes through intestinal walls and gets absorbed into the blood stream. This "micronization" of zeolites can make them transmissable into human blood via digestion.

Human gastric acid is not strong enough to dissociate granular zeolite materials (large zeolite particles). Instead, those zeolites move through the body as a kind of "mechanical sponge" that binds with certain elements, including isotopes of cesium. When those zeolites are eliminated by your body through bowel movements, they take with them whatever toxic elements they captured during digestion.

Remember this very important medical fact: Whatever you poop out, you do not absorb into your blood! And if it's not in your blood, it can't get to all your internal organs. Bowel movements are part of your body's natural elimination process to rid the body of toxic elements or unneeded substances. Cesium Eliminator is paired with Heavy Metals Defense to "mop up" whatever aluminum or lead might be released by zeolite material during gastric acid digestion.

Important: Cesium Eliminator does not block radiation

There is no such thing as any dietary supplement or drug that blocks radiation. Radiation is a physical phenomenon and the laws of physics cannot be altered by a supplement. As a result, no dietary supplement should ever been seen as some sort of "radiation shield" that makes you immune to ionizing radiation. Only a thick lead suit can accomplish that.

There are some dishonest supplements marketed on the 'net which ridiculously claim to "block radiation" to the body's cells. Such claims are scientifically false and invalid.

There are legitimate arguments for DNA-protective supplements such as antioxidants which may help prevent ionizing DNA damage and / or support the rapid repair of such damage, but your overall best strategy is to avoid exposure to radiation in the first place.

Avoiding exposure means:

  • Avoiding inhaling radioactive particles of dust (airborne)
  • Avoiding eating radioactive food
  • Avoiding drinking water contaminated with radioisotopes
  • Avoiding physical proximity to sources of ionizing radiation such as Fukushima fuel rods

Learn more about Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) from the U.S. CDC public fact sheet:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cesium Eliminator treat radiation poisoning or repair radiation damage?

Absolutely not. Cesium Eliminator binds with and captures all isotopes of cesium, including the radioisotope cesium-137. It has no ability to repair tissues or organs already damaged by ionizing radiation. Anyone suffering from acute radiation poisoning should seek urgent, emergency care from a hospital.

Should I take Cesium Eliminator every day like a vitamin?

Absolutely not. Cesium Eliminator is not a vitamin, and it does not offer any nutrients during digestion. Cesium Eliminator is made of non-digestible mineral substances that latch onto cesium isotopes so that your body can eliminate them through bowel movements. Cesium Eliminator is FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY and should not be consumed on a daily basis. It is designed as a last-ditch emergency protection for people who are forced to eat food affected by nuclear fallout. In the same way that potassium iodide is used in nuclear emergencies to protect the thyroid, Cesium Eliminator should also be used only in nuclear emergencies to protect the body from absorbing radioactive cesium isotopes.

Does Cesium Eliminator block uranium-235, strontium-90, iodine-131 and other radioactive isotopes?

Cesium Eliminator has the ability to block smaller amounts of uranium isotopes, but it does not block strontium-90 and iodine-131. Its strength is in capturing cesium isotopes which pose the greatest ongoing health threat following nuclear catastrophes such as Fukushima and Chernobyl.

How much radioactive cesium does Cesium Eliminator actually block?

In well-documented laboratory testing, 2 grams of Cesium Eliminator was mixed with 20 ml of synthetic gastric acid to simulate human digestion. Various isotopes of cesium were added to the gastric acid to bring the total cesium concentration up to over 91,000 ppb (parts per billion) of cesium atoms. After 8 hours of simulated digestion and separation of solids from liquids, Cesium Eliminator was able to capture an average of 95.4% of cesium atoms, across a broad range of cesium concentrations.

Does Cesium Eliminator interfere with nutrient absorption?

Cesium Eliminator may interfere with potassium absorption. This is one of the reasons why Cesium Eliminator should not be taken regularly as a dietary supplement. It is for emergency use only.

What is the shelf life of Cesium Eliminator?

If unopened and stored in a cool, dry location, Cesium Eliminator is very shelf stable (it is primarily made with zeolites, which have over a 1000-year shelf life). If opened, Cesium Eliminator may absorb moisture, but even so it is still viable as a cesium binding material.

Does Cesium Eliminator protect my thyroid gland from radiation?

No. Potassium iodide or nascent iodine offer thyroid protection. Cesium Eliminator has a different purpose altogether.

Can I take Cesium Eliminator together with potassium iodide?

We strongly recommend taking them at different times because the potassium in potassium iodide may bind with Cesium Eliminator and "lock up" all its receptor sites, rendering it inert for binding with other cesium isotopes. Potassium iodide can be taken on an empty stomach, but Cesium Eliminator is only designed to be taken with food you suspect might be contaminated with radioisotopes of cesium, such as cesium-137.

Should I take Cesium Eliminator before the meal, during the meal or after the meal?

During the meal. It should be consumed as you are eating any meal you suspect of being contaminated with radioactive cesium. As a general rule, avoid all high-potassium foods if you suspect them being radioactive, as high-potassium foods will tend to absorb the highest concentrations of cesium.

High potassium foods include bananas and potatoes.

Will Cesium Eliminator cause any gastrointestinal effects or discomfort?

Although we have so far received no reports of gastrointestinal discomfort, because the product contains an ingredient which is not digestible (zeolites), it is theoretically possible to experience different digestive effects than what might be normally experienced when eating traditional foods (which are digested and absorbed). For this reason, we recommend trying Cesium Eliminator in a small quantity the first time you use it (just a single capsule with a meal) in order to establish personal tolerance. In a true nuclear emergency, you may need to take multiple capsules each day along with suspected meals.

Can children or pregnant women take Cesium Eliminator?

Expectant mothers, children and anyone with a medical condition should consult with their health care physician before consuming this or any dietary product.